Orchard Farm Soaps
close-up collage of our soaps.
lotioon bars
Lotion Bars
lip balms
Lip Balms
gift bags
Gift Bags

Instruction for use:
1) Get soap
2) Get naked
3) Lather
4) Rinse... ahhhhh.......

Our all natural handmade soaps and lotions are all natural because that is the way we do it here at Orchard Farm. I want the best for me family and my customers.

We have selected the highest quality Organic, fair trade, and unrefined oils. Our products contain our own unique blends of pure essential oils and 100% botanical infusions.

We go to the extra expense and time to make these high quality goods because it is equally important what goes on your body as what goes in your body. Our skin is the most permeable organ we have. Time, sun, environment are working against us so taking extra steps to infuse some natural goodness from the outside in helps our skin to radiate.